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Rhetoric and Civic Life Syllabus


Rhetoric and Civic Life

Course Section: 028
Instructor: Earl H. Brooks Email: ehb117@psu.edu
Classrooms: Tuesday 4:15 PM – 5:30 PM in 014 Life Sciences Bldg.
Thursday 4:15- 5:30 PM in 202 Chambers Bldg.

Office Location: Verizon Building ( 224 S. Allen St). To find the building, walk down Allen Street away from campus. You will pass Panera Bread and cross Beaver St. Keep walking until you pass a bank. The Verizon Building entrance door will be on your left just before the Cozy Thai Restaurant. I can be found in room 107.
Office Hours: Monday 4:15 pm – 6 pm, Wednesday 11 am.-12 pm, and by appointment

Rhetoric and Civic Life (RCL) is a year-long honors course offering comprehensive training in oral, written, visual, and digital communication for the twenty-first century. It unites these various modes under the flexible art of rhetoric and uses rhetoric both to strengthen communication skills and to sharpen awareness of the challenges and advantages presented by oral, written, visual, and digital modes.

RCL I focuses particularly on two critical academic capacities: analyzing and contextualizing. In this semester, students learn to rigorously examine the rhetoric surrounding them, compellingly present their findings in various modes, and thoughtfully contextualize their research.


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