Credits and Acknowledgments

Earth Archives: Stories of Human Impact was co-curated by Clara Drummond, Curator and Exhibitions Coordinator, and Ben Goldman, Archivist for Curatorial Services and Strategy.

Additional research and support was provided by Maggie Welch, Stelts-Filippelli Intern in Special Collections.

Imaging of collection materials was provided by Wendy Adams, Bethann Rea, and Terry Schiavone in our Preservation, Conversation, and Digitization department. Digital transfer of audio and video was provided by Tim Babcock in Special Collections.

Special thanks to our colleagues in Special Collections and University Libraries, especially the Special Collections Research Services and Annex retrieval teams, for supporting our research in preparation for this exhibition. Additional thanks to Binky Lush and Ana Enriquez for help in establishing a virtual presence for the exhibition, to Meg Massey for helping with an interlibrary loan for the exhibition, and to Tom Reinsfelder for providing digital images from Penn State Mont Alto library collections.

We would also like to acknowledge Penn State professors Michael Mann and Julia Spicher Kasdorf, author Robin Wall Kimmerer, and the Ohio State University Libraries for generously loaning or providing material for inclusion in this exhibition.

Support for the exhibition program is provided by the Stelts-Filippelli Endowment. The film produced by Penn State students at the CommAgency (coming soon) was supported through the Kimlyn J. and John M. Patishnock Sr. Student Media Production Endowment in Special Collections.

Questions, comments, corrections, and requests for tours can be directed to Clara Drummond or Ben Goldman.