During Competition FAQs

Q: Can our team (or some members) participate remotely?

A: No. Physical attendance by all members of your team at the event site is required to participate in the competition

Q: Will we have Internet access during the competition?

A: Yes and No. The system that we provide for you to conduct your pen test from will have internet access. The target company systems that you are pen testing may be isolated from the internet.

Q: Can we use our own laptops to perform the pen test?

A: No. All hardware you can use will be provided for you.

Q: Can we download data, logs, and results from the testing environment to construct our report and presentation?

A: Yes. You will have the capability to export resources for your analysis and report writing

Q: Can we work through the night between the first and second day to write our final report and presentation?

A: Yes. You can work all night if you wish, but remember that you need to be ready and prepared to present to the “C”-level folks in the morning.

Q: Our team (or some members) needs to leave early on the last day. Will that be a problem?

A: As long as someone from the team is in attendance at the awards ceremony.

Q: After we get the RFP, is there a way for us to ask questions before or after the online Q&A session if we do not understand something?

A: Yes. An email address will be provided for submitting questions. Submitted questions and answers will be distributed to all teams.