Pre-Competition FAQs

Q: Can we bring software tools to the competition?

A: No. You will be provided with everything you are allowed to use during the competition.

Q: There are six members on our team. Will each of them have a system to pen test from?

A: Yes. There will be workstations available for each of your team members to work.

Q: One of our members is uncomfortable signing the “agreement to participate in CPTC”. Does that disqualify our whole team?

A: That member will not be allowed to attend and participate. The rest of the team will be allowed to attend and participate without that member.

Q: Because of travel issues, our team (or some members) cannot be there by 8am on the first day. Will that disqualify us?

A: No – At least ONE person has to represent your team during the initial discussion and your time to access the infrastructure will NOT be extended.

Q: We don’t have enough students to field a team of 6. Can we still participate?

A: Yes. The minimum team size is 3 members.

Q: Is a coach really required and has to be a faculty member?

A: Yes. Every team must be sponsored by an academic institution. A faculty or staff coach affiliated with the academic institution must also accompany the team.

Q: If one of the members that we register gets sick or cannot make the event. Can we substitute another student?

A: Yes.

Q: Can we include a student from another school on our team?

A: No. All team members must be currently matriculated students from the same sponsoring academic institution.

Q: Are graduate students allowed on the team?

A: Yes.

Q: What if a team member is a part-time student? What if a team member is not taking courses this semester but has not graduated yet can they participate?

A: As long as they are currently matriculated in a program at your university.

Q: If a student is working at a co-op or internship position approved by their institution, are they eligible for the team?

A: Yes. If approved by their sponsoring institution.