Join us!

PhD positions:

We are looking for creative and self-motivated PhD students to join e-Bio-e Lab at Penn State University. The successful candidate will work on device engineering, characterization, materials, fluidics, and cellular biology/microbiology to devise innovative platforms for medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and studying biologically relevant sciences.

Prior research experience in at least one of the following areas is REQUIRED: electronic and/or electrochemical instrumentation, micro- and nano-fabrication, analytical chemistry, material engineering, and biosensing.

Interested applicants should email their CV and a brief description of their research interests/experience to me at sue66(at)psu(dot)edu.

Master of Science students:

MSc students pursuing a thesis-based degree are welcome to work on relevant research projects in the e-Bio-e lab.

Undergraduate students:

Are you interested in doing research in the area of biomedical diagnostics and life sciences? Contact Dr. Ebrahimi (sue66(at)psu(dot)edu) to learn about the opportunities we offer to undergraduates to get hands-on experience in our lab.


If you are admitted to or are a current student at Penn State University, please feel free to contact me at sue66(at)psu(dot)edu. Students admitted to other PSU departments (Materials Science & Engineering, Bioengineering, Mechanical, Chemical, ESM (Engineering Science and Mechanics), etc.) and with experimental research background are encouraged to apply.