[01/10/2020] Dr. Ebrahimi is thrilled for being named as a Scialog Fellow, in the Microbiome, Neurobiology and Disease initiative. Scialog is jointly sponsored by Research Corporation for Science Advancement, the Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group, and the Frederick Gardner Cottrell Foundation.

[11/19/2019] Dr. Ebrahimi delivered a talk at the DTRA CBD S&T Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. Many thanks to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) for the travel support.

[11/18/2019] Derrick did an excellent job in presenting his recent research progress to the sponsors at the NSF: ATOMIC semiannual meeting at Houston, TX.

[10/03/2019] E-Bio-E Lab will attend the Electrochemical Society (ECS) Fall meeting in Atlanta, GA in October. Adam will give an oral presentation on his work on rapid, electrochemical antibacterial susceptibility testing.

[09/17/2019] Congratulations to Cassi for receiving support through REU to work at E-Bio-E Lab. Cassi is selected by the PSU Center for Healthcare Organization Transformation (CHOT) to work on medical related research. Congrats!

[08/26/2019] Our Review Article is selected as the ACS Editors’ Choice. That’s an exciting news!

[08/22/2019] Madison, Cassi, Tang, and Kayla join our group as undergraduate researchers in Fall 2019. Welcome!

[08/20/2019] Adam and Derrick’s paper entitled “Two-Dimensional Materials in Biosensing and Healthcare: from In Vitro Diagnostics to Optogenetics and Beyond” just got accepted in ACS Nano. Good job, guys!

[08/12/2019] Javier is selected to attend the 2019 NSF EEC Grantees Conference as an invited REU site participant (a highly-competitive selection process). Congrats Javier!

[08/01/2019] Javier presented his works during REU research symposium at Penn State. Here is a picture of Javier (left) with his mentor, Adam (right):

[07/29/2019] Our mini-Review on 2D materials for biosensing applications, Invited by Material Matters (technical reports series by Millipore Sigma), is available now:

[07/24/2019] Our lab hosted a Research Snapshot as part of the NSF:MRSEC Science-U program. This was our second year participating in the event. Thanks to Derrick and Lindsey for planning and organizing the hands-on activities for the high school students.

[06/14/2019] Lindsey was recently interviewed regarding her Discovery Grant. Here is the link to the published story: Penn State News. Good job, Lindsey!

[04/17/2019] Lindsey presented her work on Bacteria-based Random Number Generation at the Undergraduate Research Exhibition. Good job!

[04/12/2019] Congratulations to Rikki for winning the 1st place in CERS 2019! His poster presentation was on “Printable Electrochemical Biosensors for Application in Flexible Point-of-Care Diagnostics”.

[03/25/2019] An article about our recently-awarded research project is featured on Penn State News.

[03/08/2019] Our lab received a CoE Multidisciplinary Research Seed Grant. Thank you! (Link to PSU News).

[03/01/2019] Congratulations to Lindsey for receiving the 2019 Erickson Discovery Grant! This is a highly prestigious research grant awarded to ~ 70 undergraduate applicants in College of Engineering across all PSU campuses.

[02/25 & 27/2019] Dr. Ebrahimi gave two talks at MRSEC Seminar Series and Engineering Science and Mechanics Department’s Graduate Seminar.

[12/10/2018] Dr. Ebrahimi delivered an invited talk and served on a panel (Sensor Commercialization – Challenges and Opportunities) at the Sensors Summit conference in San Diego.

[11/07/2018] Derrick presented his recent research progress at the NSF: ATOMIC semiannual meeting at Houston, TX.

[10/24/2018] Keren presented his work at the Materials Day 2018, Penn State University.

[10/17/2018] Dr. Ebrahimi was invited by the National Graphene Association to serve on a panel (Future of graphene in Medical devices and Telemedicine) at the Global Graphene Expo & Conference in Austin, TX.

[09/20/2018] Dr. Ebrahimi is organizing and chairing a special session in BMES 2018 in Atlanta, GA, on Oct. 2018. The session is on “Application of Two Dimensional Materials in Healthcare” with three invited speakers from Georgia Tech, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Texas at Austin. Join us if you are there!

[08/30/2018] Congrats to Keren for receiving the Milton and Albertha Langdon Memorial Graduate Fellowship!

[08/14/2018] Adam, Keren, and Tunan have joined our group. Welcome!

[07/25/2018] Dr. Ebrahimi delivered a talk to high school students at “Anything is Possible for Girls in Electrical Engineering (APGEE)”. It was a successful 5-day camp, tailored for girls interested in STEM.

[07/25/2018] Our lab host a Research Snapshot as part of Science & Leadership Camp (hands-on research experience) for high school students. They learned about electrochemical sensors for monitoring neurotransmitters and made a sensor to detect dopamine!

[07/11/2018] Our group organized a Science Booth (2D Carbon Conduction) at Art Fest. It was a full morning of science and learning with more than 600 attendees.

[07/10/2018] Chengye’s and Rikki’s works got accepted to BMES Annual Meeting, Atlanta, October 2018.

[07/06/2018] Dr. Ebrahimi delivered a talk at NSF MRSEC’s summer event for REUs and RETs. Thanks for the kind invitation.

[07/01/2018] Ebrahimi lab received a seed grant from Medical School, MRI, and Huck Institute to develop a novel rapid antibacterial susceptibility testing method.

[06/12/2018] Dr. Ebrahimi presented our work on in situ monitoring of E. coli metabolism in the 28th World Congress on Biosensors in Miami.

[05/14/2018] Derrick received the prestigious University Graduate Fellowship (UGF). UGF recognizes top-rated applicants in the College of Engineering. Congratulation, Derrick!

[05/07/2018] Our proposal to NSF-IUCRC ATOMIC center to study Fenton-based biosensing and catalysis using 2D materials has been funded (PIs: Robinson and Ebrahimi).

[05/01/2018] Derrick joins our group to pursue his PhD studies in EE. Welcome!

[04/24/2018] Rikki presented his Senior Design Project on Dynamic Laser Speckle Imaging of Bacterial Cells in the EE Project Fair, Spring 2018. Well done! Here is a picture of him explaining his work to Prof. Ram Narayanan:








[02/16/2018] Our paper entitled “Gel-integrated impedimetric biosensors based on Au-Ni microelectrodes enable in situ detection of E. coli metabolism” got accepted in “28th Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors“.

[02/06/2018] Our paper published in Biophysical Journal, entitled “Analyzing Thermal Stability of Cell Membrane of Salmonella Using Time-Multiplexed Impedance Sensing”, is the Top Story in NSF Science 360.

[12/11/2017] Huck-MRI’s Common Vision is supporting our proposal on real-time study of bacterial communication. In this research, we are collaborating with Dr. Kovac’s group in Food Science.

[11/1/2017] Our paper on Electrical analysis of Thermal Stability of Cell Membrane of Salmonella just got accepted in Biophysical Journal.

[10/18/2017] Our proposal on 2D Material-enabled Antibacterial Susceptibility Testing got the Merit Award from MRI-Covestro. In this research, we are collaborating with Dr. Robinson’s group in Materials Science and Engineering.

[10/17/2017] Dr. Ebrahimi is presenting her research in Materials Day, Millennium Science Complex, PSU.

[10/11/2017] Dr. Ebrahimi is attending the BMES annual meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

[10/06/2017] Chengye Dong joins e-Bio-e Lab as a Visiting Scholar, jointly advised by Dr. Ebrahimi and Dr. Robinson. Welcome Chengye!

[09/21/2017] Dr. Ebrahimi is invited to give a talk in EECS Seminar Series.

[08/20/2017] Rikki and Lindsey join e-Bio-e Lab to do undergraduate research. Welcome!

[08/10/2017] Possible Grad and Undergrad research positions are available.

[08/10/2017] e-Bio-e website is launched. Welcome!