Our research at e-Bio-e lab is highly interdisciplinary and involves device engineering, materials science, surface chemistry, microfluidics, and cellular biology/microbiology.

With an ultimate goal of improving healthcare, we work on fundamental sciences (from material-biology interactions to cellular biophysics involved in diseases) and engineering novel systems to create advanced screening methods.

Toward these goals, we focus on:

(i) Developing innovative electronic and electrochemical devices for probing physiological and environmental analytes (such as, whole cell, cancer biomarkers, electrolytes, metabolites, etc.).

(ii) Rapid antibacterial susceptibility testing (based on optical and electrochemical spectroscopy).

(iii) Exploring different low-dimensional material systems (including 2D materials and hybrids) for bio-chemical sensing applications.

(iv) Probing the in situ response of bacteria to external input (such as light, chemical compounds, osmotic/electric/heat stress, etc.).

Our collaborators and sponsors:
Dr. J. A. Robinson, Materials Science and Engineering, Penn State University (PSU)
Dr. M. Terrones, Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, PSU
Dr. J. Kovac, Food Science, PSU
Dr. Z. Liu, Electrical Engineering, PSU
Dr. S. Das, Engineering Science and Mechanics, PSU
Dr. Esther Gomez, Chemical Engineering, PSU
Dr. Mehdi Kiani, Electrical Engineering, PSU
Dr. Humberto Terrones, Physics and Astronomy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Dr. L. C. Csonka, Biological Sciences, Purdue University
Dr. Suprem Das, Industrial Engineering, Kansas State University
Dr. S. Tadigadapa, Electrical Engineering, Northeastern University