Spring 2019: EE441: Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Technology
An overview of fundamentals of fabrication processes involved in IC technology is provided through class lectures and hands-on laboratory sessions performed at Nanofabrication Lab. at Materials Research Institute (MRI) with the direct supervision of MRI staff. EE 441 is an elective electrical engineering course typically taken by seniors and graduate students from various majors including electrical engineering, materials engineering, engineering science, physics, and chemistry. 

Fall 2017& Fall 2018 & Fall 2019: EE310: Electronic Circuit Design I
In this core undergraduate course (capacity of 250 students), students learn about Properties of fundamental electronic devices (including p-n junction diodes, bipolar junction transistors, and metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors), analysis of DC, AC small-signal and nonlinear behavior, analog and digital circuit design applications.
PrerequisitesEE 210 or EE 315.