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Political behavior and decision-making

The Relevance of Relative Distribution: Favoritism, Information and Vote Choice in Africa” 2018. Comparative Political Studies.

Finding Partisanship Where We Least Expect It: Evidence of Partisan Bias in a New African Democracy.” 2016. Political Behavior 38(1)

“Ethnic Voting and Accountability in Africa: A Choice Experiment in Uganda.” 2015. World Politics 67(2). (Replication by Egami and Imai here.)

Public opinion, measurement and bias

“The Perils of Pre-Election Polling: Election Cycles and the Exacerbation of Measurement Error in Illiberal Regimes.” 2018. Research and Politics.

“When a Null Pocketbook Effect is the Artifact: Strategically Overstated Poverty and the Attenuation of Egotropic Voting“, with Amanda Fidalgo.  2016. Quarterly Journal of Political Science 11(3).

Identifying and Interpreting the Sensitivity of Ethnic Voting in Africa” 2016. Public Opinion Quarterly 80(4).

“Social Desirability Bias and Ethnic Voting on African Surveys” 2014. Afrobarometer Working Paper 144.






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