We <3 Drum Circles - Eco Action 1995-1999

Boycott the Daily Collegian – Protest against Insert Advertisers

Eco Action protest against the paper advertisement inserts in the Daily Collegian.


To the left, Eco Action members participated in a protest where they acted as chopped Truffula trees outside Schwab Auditorium to urge students to use recycled products.

EcoPalooza 1995

Eco Action continued to tradition of EcoPalooza in 1995. They had several bands and dance groups preform, as well as a speaker about Burma.



Free the Planet Conference, Philly 1995

Eco Action Protested outside SUNOCO headquarters in Center City Philly to protest their placement of pollution-emitting refineries in the poor black areas of Philly: Environmental Racism.


Eco Action also protested on Independence Mall in Philly at the Environmental Bill of Rights Rally.

Drum Circles

Eco Action was really into drum circles in the 90’s. It was our thing.


Rally for Women’s Lives, Washington DC 1995


Earth Day 

Earth Day Birthday 1995



Earth Day 1996: The Eco-Bus


Earth Day 1997 – Ralph Nader

Eco Action had a record turn-out for Earth Day, thanks to their guest speaker, Ralph Nader.

Earth Day 1998

Earth Day of 1998 was not as well attended as Earth Day of 1997, but events carried on despite the rain.

1998 Postcard to Eco action

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