Onward on Climate – Eco Action 2014-2016

Fossil Free PSU

Fossil Free PSU started in 2013 as part of the 350.org’s nation campaign to get universities to divest from the fossil fuel industry. ¬†Today this campaign lives on as part of Eco Action.

Founders of Fossil Free PSU

People’s CLimate March 2014

Fossil Free PSU marched in NYC as part of the People’s Climate March in 2014.


You Deserve Coal!

Fossil Free PSU delivered coal to the PSU Board of Trustees in December, 2014 to show their disapproval of PSU’s investment in the fossil fuel industry.

Letter Delivery to President Barron

Fossil Free PSU delivered a letter to President Barron urging him to consider fossil fuel divestment in 2015.

Onward on Climate

Fossil Free PSU held the Onward on Climate rally on Old Main with speakers from across the university addressing climate justice.


In 2015, a Penn State chapter of Take Back the Tap (TBTT) was started to promote the use of reusable water bottles and education on the danger of bottled water consumption. TBTT strives to kick disposable water bottles off campus and support clean and healthy drinking water for all. This campaign continues today as part of Eco Action.

Climate Reality Project

As part of Al Gore’s national campaign, the Climate Reality Project (CRP) at Penn State is working to get Penn State to switch its electricity power source to 100% renewable energy. Today, CRP works in partnership with Eco Action.


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