How to Run a Successful Student Org

Panel Discussion on How to Run a Successful Club: 

Hosted by Eco Action, Spring 2017


  • Build leadership early
    • identify who wants to be a leader within your organization and train them while mentors are still around
    • don’t let last-semester seniors hold important positions so they are around to mentor the upcoming exec board
  • Always plan ahead
    • plan out club events at least a month ahead to time, if not a semester ahead
  • Build friendships within the club
    • frequent parties
    • social activities outside of club work
    • hang out after meetings
    • have meetings in more casual settings than in a classroom
  • Have a good advisor(s) who can help you navigate through Penn State
  • It is a pain to fill out all of the paperwork to become a new club, so work with one that already exists.
  • Write down how to do everything to pass on to your successor. Organize a panel discussion on student leadership? Write down how you did it.
  • Network with students in other organizations to collaborate with them. Support their organization so they will support you.
  • Work with institutions/programs/departments within the University that align with your purpose to plan events.
  • Value new members. Get to know their names and invite them to a social.
  • Have a presence on campus. Attend as many involvement fairs as you can and participate in events that will get your name out there.
  • Have a presence on social media. Post regularly and show off all the events you are organizing.
  • Be creative! There are so many clubs on campus, what makes your club unique?
  • Take attendance and keep track of what types of events people like attending. If you lose members, reach out to them and see why they didn’t come back.

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