9/6/17 Meeting

Hey Eco-Action!
We hope you enjoyed our second meeting of the semester! For those of you who missed it, we talked about why each of us chose to be involved in Eco-Action, what we plan and hope to do for the semester, and get to know each other! If you didn’t make it, that’s ok! Our next meeting will be on Wednesday September 13th from 6-7PM at Webster’s Bookstore Cafe. We will be discussing politics and the environment! Look below for important upcoming events!
Upcoming Events
    • The Student Farm is hosting a Harvest Festival! It is being held on Thursday (September 7) from 5:30 – 7:30 at the Student Farm just off campus. Buses will be leaving at 5:30 and 6:00PM. Come join us and enjoy live music, food, and meet the people who make the Student Farm possible. We will try to meet up near the Ag Administration parking lot/creamery, check the GroupMe for more details tomorrow! 
  • There will be a Sustainability Showcase this Friday (9/8) @ 12PM in the Huck Life Sciences Bridge. They are every Friday @ 12PM and showcase a speaker, with free lunch! Speaker: Dr. Obonyo
  • Eco-Action will be traveling to Bald Eagle on Saturday September 9th! We will be touring some of the park and doing volunteer service for the park. Interested? Sign up below!
  • https://goo.gl/forms/wOGjpgfGlrDUFt5g2
  • Want to volunteer your time educating 4-6th graders about the earth and science? Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center is offering students the chance to camp out with students and chaperone them for a week in the Fall. The course is 2 credits and 75 hours of community service will be granted! Apply by September 8th (FRIDAY) @ ShaversCreek.org/ODS or email outdoorschool@psu.edu for more information/questions!
  • Eco-Action is participating in Plant for the Planet, a local initiative partnering young students with us to educate them on the environment and plant a lot of trees! Interested? Questions? Email Alison Kelly ASAP to begin the clearance process. akk158@psu.edu
  • Interested in having a Chair Position in the club? Come to next meeting where we will discuss them again!
Thank everyone! Stay GREEN 🙂
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Facebook: Penn State Eco Action
Instagram: @psu_ecoaction
GroupMe: Send your phone number to blyman984@gmail.com if you are interested in joining!

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