Eco Action’s first Tree Ceremony!

For our final executive meeting, the Eco Action executive board gifted past president, Haley Stauffer with a beautiful White Oak that they then planted on Old Main’s lawn.

Members acknowledged the growth that they have all experienced throughout their time in Eco Action and how they wish to continue to nourish more learning opportunities within the club. Adviser, Derek Kalp, landscape architect at Penn State was able to acquire the tree and it is still growing strong!

Eco Action’s executive team plant the first of many trees to come for an annual tree planting ceremony on Old Main’s lawn.

On Wednesday April 17th, Haley Stauffer was also presented with the first ever Senior Champion of Sustainability Award offered by the Sustainability Institute. Haley was nominated by her friend, and co-president Ben Lyman as well as her academic adviser, Tom Richard, and Student Sustainability Advisory Council member Janelle Thompson.

Haley receiving her award with nominators Janelle Thompson and Ben Lyman as well as Council of Sustainable Leaders directors Sam Anawalt and Madison Mitchell







More information about this award can be accessed here:

Haley is truly honored by the tremendous amount of support received from her Penn State community, attributing a great amount of her success to her deep love and appreciation for the people and mission of Eco Action.

Thank you!

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