Sustainable Happiness event with Devamrita Swami

On Wednesday April 24th, Eco Action teamed up with the Vedic Society during our regular club meeting to discuss the concept of maintaining happiness in one’s life.

Devamrita Swami, director of the Gita Nagari Eco Farm and traveling monk speaks to Eco Action about the concept of sustainable happiness at the Wednesday April 24th meeting

Devamrita Swami is a world-traveling monk, a graduate of Yale, and the director of the Gita Nagari Eco Farm. Gita Nagari is the only USDA-certified slaughter free commercial dairy farm. None of the cows are ever sold or killed. Devamrita will be sharing this philosophy of his ecological vision because he believes that it can be applied to all environmental disciple and inspire genuine environmental activism.

Devamrita Swami discussed his new book and brought us closer to our inner wisdom, stating that humans much elevate their consciousness in order to save ourselves. It was interesting how Swami’s view was not one of overly optimistic or pessimistic about the reality of our decline in human ecological consciousness, but rather one of realistic action. Swami went over steps on how to embody our greater selves and to therefore live a truly sustainable, and happy, life.

Devamrita Swami talks with interested participants following the talk.
Members were able to enjoy a fantastic vegan dinner prepared by the Vedic Society following the talk







We got most of the Stuckeman building to chant with us and then enjoy a meal together with deeper contemplative discussions. This was a great partnership with the Vedic Society and we look forward to hosting events with them in the future.

The event was organized by Lydia Blinn, Interim Treasurer of Eco Action.


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