Washington DC

Eco Action Marched for Climate Justice

April 30, 2017 – The Penn State student groups Eco Action and Fossil Free PSU organized a bus to send 55 participants to the People’s Climate March in Washington D.C on Saturday, April 29. The march is part of the larger People’s Climate Movement to urge the government to address issues relating to climate change.… Read more Eco Action Marched for Climate Justice

We <3 Drum Circles - Eco Action 1995-1999

Boycott the Daily Collegian – Protest against Insert Advertisers Eco Action protest against the paper advertisement inserts in the Daily Collegian.   To the left, Eco Action members participated in a protest where they acted as chopped Truffula trees outside Schwab Auditorium to urge students to use recycled products. EcoPalooza 1995 Eco Action continued to… Read more We <3 Drum Circles - Eco Action 1995-1999

Recycle! – Eco Action 1980-1988

Earth Day 1980 The first recorded Earth Day celebration hosted by Eco Action took place in 1980. A highlight must have been celebrating Shaver’s Creek’s 1st birthday.   1980 Eco-Cycle  Bicycles were donated to Penn State students by the State College Bike Shop. This bike share program consisted of two blue and white single speed… Read more Recycle! – Eco Action 1980-1988