Clean-up Day 2002

I just wanted to thank all of the people who helped on Saturday with the Nature Trail and Campus Clean-up:

Rich Manslow, Bill Woodard, Judy Lindberg, Kirk Dineley and Deborah Sillman from the staff and faculty.

Barb Arnold, Kim Kennedy and John Spadaro from the Alumni Association (who also bought the pizza!).

Christian Vaccaro and Sarah Ung from SGA and all of their Student Leadership Retreat students sponsored by Theresa Bonk (they constructed a giant rabbit habitat from gathered sticks and fallen logs….now we just need a giant rabbit!)

Ex-student (and current UP Forestry Major) Bill Mentecky (and his chain saw).

Current Biology students Danny Vargas, Justin Vogini, Robin Rzeczkowski, Deja LeJevic, Emily Morse, and Kristen Pfeifer.

And, of course, Joe Hamilton and Kozmo the Wonder Dog!

We all braved rain and mud and a rich crop of poison ivy, but greatly improved the Trail and also removed a decade of litter from sections of the campus! A good morning’s work!

Thanks again to all who helped!

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