Clean-up Day 2003

I wanted to thank everyone who helped make Saturday’s Nature Trail Clean Up such a great success! We had 35 people working for 3+ hours and got an incredible amount of work done. The trail looks great! The spring wild flowers are starting to reach one of their early peaks, by the way. Deborah will be sending out updates on what’s blooming as the weeks go by.

I especially want to thank Rick Manslow for all of his help and for bringing the Gator. Dave Huggins for driving the Gator back and forth to the log pile at least 30 times. Larry Pollock for his expert trail manicuring. Mike McGinnis for his root removals. Hal Smith for his tireless
lifting and carrying. Kirk Dineley for some serious chain sawing and great discussions about genetic prion resistance. Judy Lindberg and Deborah Sillman for their wonderful wildflower spotting. Alumni Barb Arnold and Matt Plocki for their re-sculpting of the Oak Trail. Ex-students Bill Mentecky (the chain saw master) and Emily Morse for coming back and helping out. And all of the students who gave us their Saturday mornings to help: Jason Pontillo, Dustin Walsh, Sarah Kossak, Bobby Galonski, Tracy Esser, Danielle DeStefano, Luke Kemp, Tim Burg, Nihar Ghate, John Scahill, Phaedra Wray, Leslie Short, Neal Kalinski, Scott Giron, Nicole Olbrish, Lindsay Pull, Kristen Pfeifer, Amanda Zenuh, Amy Weister, Emily Morse, Jesse Moran,
and Tara Luchkiw.

And a final thanks to two brown dogs, Kozmo and Phoenix, who contributed more than we can say!

Great job!

Go see the trail, everyone!
Bill H.

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