Spring Wildflowers

Hello Faculty and Staff,

If you find time (and the weather improves) later this week, take a walk on the Nature Trail! To entice you, here’s a list of likely sights and links to images (from a great Smithsonian website) so you will know what to look for.

Pepperroot – very common – also called cut-leaved Toothwort – look at the leaves and you’ll appreciate the name.

Spring Beauty – also common and aptly named – it’s small so don’t walk too fast.

Mayapple – Everyone has seen this plant – looks like an umbrella! The flower hides underneath the leaf. The umbrellas are everywhere now, but flowers are just starting.

You’ll also see purple and yellow violets, skunk cabbage (down by the stream) and fiddleheads (newly emerging fern fronds).

Coming attractions (maybe by next week) – Trillium and Violet wood sorrel



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