Statistics – 2004 ‘hits’ on the nature trail website

2004 Statistics for use of the Virtual Nature Trail website
Average hits per month: 7598

Hits by month:
January 5112
February 6009
March 5880
April 7610

May 7540
April 7610
May 7540
June 4726
July 4062
August 4780
September 11052
October 15111
November 11388
December 7908

In addition, the nature trail is extremely important in bringing visitors in to the NK website, based on the following:
The nature trail website is consistently one of the top (#3 or 4) entry points to the entire NK website.
The top keywords used in search engines which bring visitors to the campus website are consistently words referring to the nature trail (i.e. succession, hibernation, ecological etc). Each of these three keywords refers visitors to the nature trail website about 350 times per month!

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