I thought that I would let you in on an interesting, “Nature” observation. Skunks have resumed their nightly activity patterns. The warmer than average January has caused them to rouse from their winter torpor (they don’t really hibernate) and they are now out and about mostly looking for mates, and , possibly, a quick snack. This observation was brought to my attention this morning at 6am when my dog surprised a skunk under my front yard bird feeder (and then I got to give him (my dog) a bath in a skunk scent removal concoction (recipe is available on request)). Skunk scent is amazing diet aid (I haven’t been able to eat today), but it is rough on inter-personal relationships.

If you want to read about skunks, check out Deborah’s and my Virtual Nature Trail
Skunk species page
I’ll probably be aired out by tomorrow.

Bill H.

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