Stinkbug Invasion

Are your screens covered with these brown insects, like this one on my house?  Lots and lots of them?  This is the brown marmorated stinkbug, a close relative of the more familiar green stinkbug.  (OK – I know you want to know – marmorated means ‘veined or streaked like marble’, according to the Free Merriam-Webster online dictionary).

The brown marmorated is an invasive species – introduced from Asia – and is now found all over the mid-Atlantic region. 

Most stinkbugs, including the brown marmorated, are plant feeders, and can be serious agricultural pests if numerous enough.  Stinkbugs are named for the glands which release an unpleasant smelling ooze when the insect is disturbed.  My advice – don’t disturb them!

Want to learn more about the brown marmorated?  Penn State’s entomology department is at your service –

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