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This site is a synergistic effort of two Penn State University biologists, William Hamilton and Deborah Sillman. Hamilton and Sillman have spent the past 30 years exploring the ecosystems of Western Pennsylvania and have collaborated not only on this blog site but also on an on-line representation of the Penn State New Kensington Campus Nature Trail (“The Virtual Nature Trail”) and on a site describing some of the hiking trails of Western Pennsylvania (“Between Stones and Trees”).  For the most part, Hamilton is responsible for the written content of these pages and Sillman is responsible for the photographs, editing, and technical support. Feel free to contact Dr. Hamilton (hw7@psu.edu) or Ms. Sillman (dys100@psu.edu) if you have any questions about our sites or about our topics.

2 Responses to About the authors

  1. Holly Glenn says:

    My mom, Jane Glenn, loves your blog and frequently forwards it to me. I would love it if you could add my name to your mailing list. Happy New a Year!

  2. Elizabeth Kapoor says:

    I’ve heard of this blog through the Rolling Stone article about the Grant Twp fracking fight. I’ll bookmark the site, but if you have an email list would you add my address. Thanks.

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