Welcome to Emerging Learning Technologies for Summer 2013!

In this course, you’ll explore new technologies, discuss related readings, and develop ideas and strategies for implementing them in the learning environment(s) with which you regularly interact. This class focuses on social, participatory technologies and with this in mind, you’ll use these tools to regularly share your ideas, thoughts, and analyses. You’ll also be encouraged to think about and experiment with the creative possibilities afforded by these tools.

You can find the essential course information within our course website (in Angel). In addition, we will use a course blog and wiki

Of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me – ptietjen [at] psu [dot] edu. I look forward to meeting and working with you. (*Note: please put EdTec 467 in the Subject line of your email).

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Phil Post author

    Hi Rachel-
    Welcome to the class! I’m impressed with the way your eLearning Centre has used the features in the Google+ page

  2. rht115

    Rachel Tan, Instructional Designer
    I currently work at the National Institute of Education, Singapore, where all student teachers are trained. The department I’m with is Centre for e-Learning. We provide consultation services for faculty members on instructional strategies and use of Blackboard and Web 2.0 tools. Our mission is to support, initiate, and sustain e-learning on campus. The team of IDs, ETs, Multimedia & Video Content Developers, and Programers are on rotation to post weekly on their designated days with regards to emerging and useful existing open tools, platform, etc.

    These are the social media platforms we use to connect with NIE staff, students, and educators
    http://bit.ly/celgoogle (our latest)

    I’m looking forward to learning more from this class. Thanks!

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