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Rachel Tan – Republic of Singapore

Greetings from Asia

I am an Instructional Designer at the National Institute of Education, Singapore, where all student teachers are trained. At the Centre for e-Learning (CeL) we provide consultation services for faculty members on instructional strategies and use of Blackboard and Web 2.0 tools. There are three IDs at CeL and my focus is on strategies for Blackboard LMS.

Our mission is to support, initiate, and sustain e-learning on campus. The team of IDs, ETs, Multimedia & Video Content Developers, and Programers at CeL are on rotation to post every week   the emerging technologies and open tools, platform, etc.

These are the social media platforms we use to connect with NIE staff, students, and educators

http://bit.ly/celgoogle (created last month by our Multimedia Team)

http://facebook.com/centreforelearning (created last year)



I am looking forward to learning more from this class as my ID experience is limited (career switch).

P/S Phil, I appreciate your feedback and have forwarded the compliment to our MD cc Head CeL

Melissa’s Introduction

Hello, my name is Melissa Glenn.  I am an Assistant Professor of Biology at Broome Community College in Binghamton, NY.  Broome Community College is a 2 year college within the State University of New York.  Binghamton is just over the Pennsylvania line in upstate New York, a little less than an hour north of Scranton.  I am originally from southeastern PA and received my B.S. and M.S. degrees from Penn State many years ago.  Some of my colleagues have been experimenting with using blogs and facebook in their classes, but I have little experience with this myself.  I teach both on campus and online courses, and am very interested in the best ways to integrate Web 2.0 tools in my courses.  I do find that the students are always expecting more in terms of instructor use of these tools.  For my course, one of the most used tools by the students are youtube videos from other anatomy and physiology instructors that help them learn the challenging content.  Although I will be quite busy until the spring courses that I am teaching are completed in late May, I am looking forward to the course and discussing with all of you!