Greetings from Tennessee!

Hello all!  My name is Karen Yarbrough, and I am currently back home in Tennessee where I got my BS in Secondary English Education at UT Martin in 2004.  I spent a few years in Florida after finishing my undergrad where I worked at Walt Disney World before starting my MLIS at the University of South Florida.  After finishing my first masters in 2008, I worked as a high school media specialist for three years, and now I am looking in earnest for a job in libraries after I finish a MEd. in Curriculum & Instruction of Children’s Literature in August.

I feel like I have a lot to learn about emerging technologies, and so for my two free electives, I signed up for Ed Tech courses.  Last semester I took the Mobile Tech course, and I am looking forward to working my way through this class, too.  Personally, I use very little Web 2.0 services, and historically, I have never been an early adopter.  I like to know about what is happening though, so I usually hear about things long before I actually join up.

I am interested in how libraries can use Web 2.0 services to support our patrons’ lifelong learning, while still keeping their privacy and intellectual freedom in the forefront of our thinking processes.  I think it is important for me to hear multiple perspectives on these technologies, and I am excited for the readings and activities in this class.

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  1. kly140 Post author

    Yeah, this blog system doesn’t seem particularly intuitive to me either, Erika.

    Jordan, I know some people who love Florida’s east coast, and I’m sure you’ll find lots to do. Travel around if you can; it’s a more diverse state than people realize.

  2. eimpagliatelli

    Thank you so much Jordan… I didn’t have privileges until today it seems because my whole dashboard looks a bit different when I get on this site now 🙂 I really appreciate your help. I was not feeling super bright as I struggled with week one’s assignments!!


  3. jaf378

    Hi Erika – to create a post in the course blog, just go to the blog home page ( At the top, near the top, you’ll see a lime green button that says “Create”. Just click that and create your post. Don’t worry, it took me a few minutes to figure it out, too!

    Karen – it sounds like you have an interested and diverse background. I’ll be heading to Florida for a new job in a few weeks (although it’s in Miami and not Orlando or Tampa where it looks like you’ve spent some time), but I hope to hear good things about your time down there!


  4. cnb135

    Congrats on your masters degree!
    I am also interested to see how we can work more web 2.0 tools into the curriculum while keeping with academic in integrity. Using technology scares me when it comes to student’s creating their own work for evaluation.

  5. eimpagliatelli

    1- As a classroom teacher taking this course, I will be interested to hear your take on the tools and readings introduced throughout this course.

    2- How did you make a post to this particular blog? Ha. I created my own site, but I don’t feel like I am correctly connected to this particular site. I haven’t used these PSU sites yet in my grad school work, so I very well may be overlooking something simple.

    Thanks 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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