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Hey everyone!

My name is Marie and I am from Southern Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. My area is primarily fields, farms, and Amish! I grew up here and came back to teach here as well. I am in my third year teaching second grade. Each year continues to get better and I am excited to now start implementing new ideas/technologies into my teaching practices.

I took an introductory course to Web 2.0 tools at a local college last summer so I have a general sense of what they are but I have not taken the time to research and plan how to implement them in my classroom. I hope that through this course I will be able to come up with creative ways to get my students interested in learning by means of technology.

As far as my personal interest, I would have to say that I love watching sports. I am a huge Penn State fan (as most are) and enjoy heading to State College often for football games. Everyone that knows me laughs at my sincere addiction to Penn State. Even my poor second graders laugh at it as I enter the classroom with something new that is Penn State!

I look forward to getting to know each of you as we work through this class together!

We Are…


Hola Amigos!

Buenas tardes!

My name is Erika L. Impagliatelli, and I am an educator. I currently am wrapping up my third year teaching middle school Mathematics in a small town in the piedmont-esk area of North Carolina. In a few short weeks however, I will be moving to Houston, Texas for the summer while preparing for a school year of teaching with Teach For America. I am unbelievably excited about this opportunity and constantly overwhelmed with lists of things to be taken care of prior to June 16th when I officially move to Texas! I also have the world’s most beautiful golden retriever (I’m not biased… it’s just a fact) and love to take her running, swimming, and hiking.

I am fairly well versed in my use Web 2.0 tools and various pieces of technology as far as the classroom is concerned. Although the school in Lincolnton where I teach is in a very rural area of North Carolina, I am considered to be the technology guru by all of the students and staff. I realized how much I enjoy integrating technology into my lessons, how beneficial it is for the students, and how efficient Web 2.0 tools can be. Hence, the reason for being in the class and pursuing my Masters in Learning, Design, and Technology. As for social media, I “like” Facebook and think it has fabulous advantages for use in the classroom, despite the fact that many administrators and school systems still refuse to admit it. I have experience with other social media types, but Facebook is by far and away my favorite.