Hey everyone!

My name is Marie and I am from Southern Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. My area is primarily fields, farms, and Amish! I grew up here and came back to teach here as well. I am in my third year teaching second grade. Each year continues to get better and I am excited to now start implementing new ideas/technologies into my teaching practices.

I took an introductory course to Web 2.0 tools at a local college last summer so I have a general sense of what they are but I have not taken the time to research and plan how to implement them in my classroom. I hope that through this course I will be able to come up with creative ways to get my students interested in learning by means of technology.

As far as my personal interest, I would have to say that I love watching sports. I am a huge Penn State fan (as most are) and enjoy heading to State College often for football games. Everyone that knows me laughs at my sincere addiction to Penn State. Even my poor second graders laugh at it as I enter the classroom with something new that is Penn State!

I look forward to getting to know each of you as we work through this class together!

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  1. mlc400 Post author

    West Grove/Avondale is definitely a place I have heard of! I took a course called, “Web 2.0 in Education” from Millersville University. It was a short summer course but it allowed me to learn a little bit about the Web 2.0 in the context of the classroom!

  2. Shelby Nelson

    Penn State! I am a huge fan as well.

    Hi Marie,

    I believe that we will be able to connect and share experiences both being elementary teachers. I am a first-year kindergarten teacher and did my student teaching in a combined 2nd/3rd grade classroom. I loved that age and this year has been a little bit of an adjustment. I am always looking for ways to incorporate technology into my teaching. It has been challenging since many of my students are not very familiar with technology. They have come a long way!

    I am excited to work with you throughout this course.


  3. Melissa Glenn

    Hi, Marie! I am originally from Chester County and all of my family is still there. Maybe you have heard of West Grove/Avondale? I miss Shady Maple!

    I’m interested in the introductory course you took on Web 2.0…which college offered that course?

    My husband, father, brother, and uncle all went to Penn State, so I understand! My children are in upstate New York but wear Penn State clothing all the time! My daughter said that no one knew what a Nittany Lion was at school and I was horrified!

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