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I have a question.  Under the syllabus it states we are to read “Community of Practice (Bielacyzc & Collins, 2000; p. 1-6; pp. 16-20)” and “watch Did You Know? video”.  However, I have not found these items which has lead to a very overwhelming feeling that I am quite lost.  Will someone point me in the right direction please?  Many thanks in advance!

Hey All

Hey Everyone, I am Amina, a student teacher at Penn State Harrisburg. It is my second online course experience, but a totally new concept as far as the context is concerned. I am not too far from student teaching and it will be interesting to see how this course ans what i learn will play out in my classroom context. Looking forward to what is new, emerging and exciting. It is about time for teachers and students to be in step with the emerging technologies.