Week 4: Educational Applications of Web 2.0

First, let me say that since I have been out of the classroom for about five years (a lot has changed since then), I was really glad to see Table 1, page 357, that graphically displays the cognitive process that Web 2.0 can support.  For me, this is extremely helpful because I had not created a blog or even posted a comment to a blog until a class last semester.  Although I have not used a lot of Web 2.0 tools out of and none within the classroom, this chart spoke my “teacher” language and paired my prior understanding of the cognitive processes used in teaching with the tools I am learning about here as well as provided me examples of which tools to use.  That is valuable for a Web 2.0 novice like me.  Given my limited knowledge of Web 2.0 tools but using the discussion, scenarios, and prior experiences, I think the classifications and corresponding applications are fairly aligned.

As for the significant insights about application, I appreciate the five recommendations listed on pages 367-368.  Combined with the table discussed above, this list prevents that overwhelming feeling that I have to employee all of this immediately in my next class.  Also, I would have to say gaining an understanding about the relationship between Web 2.0 tools and the cognitive learning was the most significant insight for me.  It is easy to see the collaborative aspect and appreciate how Web 2.0 tools can foster that interaction.  But it was not until after reading this article, especially the scenarios, that I gained an understanding about the cognitive cultivation that can occur with Web 2.0 tools.

4 thoughts on “Week 4: Educational Applications of Web 2.0

  1. jaf378

    I agree. The list of recommendations is a great tool to put these ideas into the context of the classroom in a manageable fashion. I see a lot of educators (and administrators) get caught up in the “next big thing,” wanting to put it into practice right away. It is important for us to assess each web 2.0 tool and see if, and where, it benefits the learning experience.

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  3. Rachel H Tan

    I so appreciate the writers’ explanation for each Web 2.0 application and show with scenarios/examples. They show rather than tell with their writings. I agree with you – it is a valuable piece of reference. Thanks to Phil for sharing it.

  4. Karen Yarbrough

    I took note of the five recommendations, too, because they seemed like a simplified way of encouraging technology use without it being too overwhelming. I’m always trying to find ways to get people to try new ideas, and these recommendations seemed like a valuable resource.

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