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Interview with Elementary Media Specialist

KY Interview Final

On Sunday evening, I spoke with Sarah Rentz, an elementary media specialist in Maryland.  She shared with me some details about her students’ use of a library wiki to build projects and learn technology skills.  The wiki is used by fourth and fifth grade students since her library’s PBWorks account only includes 100 users, but she allows third graders limited access to introduce them to their future assignments during the next two years.  Her school is set up on a rotating specials schedule, and so she sees the same classes of students regularly multiple times a month.  There is no technology special at her school, which leaves any technology instruction to her as the media specialist or to the classroom teachers on their own.  I’m grateful that Sarah took the time to speak with me, and I think you will all enjoy hearing about her experiences.

Podcast Interview with Dr Ashley

Dr Ashley is my reporting officer (RO) at the NIE https://sites.psu.edu/edtec467/wp-content/uploads/sites/3397/2013/06/Podcast-Interview-Dr-Ashley-Final.mp3

The 3 main courses that Dr Ashley facilitated are, ICT for pre-service teachers, Edpsy2, and Managing Change with ICT for in-service teachers who are slated to be heads of ICT in schools (using the framework PALS: Planning-Articulating-Leading-Sustaining). Note: This is the class site (https://sites.google.com/site/edpsych2/) he mentioned in the interview on the question of what changes he made as a result of using Web 2.0 tools

Dr Ashley also offers courses outside the NIE, on social media based learning, video game based learning as well as change management in ICT.

P/S Parts of the podcast (above and pauses) were deleted to reduce the size of the file. Apologies for the large file but I spent over 5 hours downloading converter (m4a to mp3) to open up the audio file in Audacity for editing (had to watch on YouTube ref how to edit….)