Creating Communities

  • From Brazil: Kids Using Digital Media to Teach Each Other, Change Culture
    By R. Recuero – “…the ‘small steps’ craze is an example of how youth can be protagonists in creating and changing culture.”
  • From Making projects, making friends: Online community as catalyst for interactive media creation By Brennan, Monroy-Hernández, and Resnick – “…it is important for creators to be situated in and supported by a community of practice that connects them to other people, resources, routines, and goals.”
  • From Affordances of a scaffolded-social learning network By Zywica, Richards, and Gomez – “…youth participatory practices are characterized as interactive and creative (Greenhow et al., 2009), where youth can take on leadership roles and engage in identity development and knowledge construction around issues that matter to them (Ito et al., 2008; Greenhow et al., 2009).”

The thing that each of these articles brings to the conversation is how the youth of today are creating a space to share with those within the community as well as the community at large.  Although the medium has changed (digital interaction instead of face-to-face interaction) and the geographical reach has increased, the desire to connect with others who share common interests, provide information, and share feedback has not changed.  When I think back to the days of my youth in the ’80s, I saw the same thing with the a variety of groups within my community.  Those interested in skateboards, surfing, dressage riding, etc. read magazines, watched each other, attended competitions, and talked with friends in an effort to learn and grow their interests.  I see the same thing here with these articles except the rapidity and expansiveness of information exchange has increased.

2 thoughts on “Creating Communities

  1. jaf378

    I love how you were able to make that connection between the three articles. Falling in line with the old adage that each generation believes that the generation following them is inferior (“The only mistake my generation made was creating yours!”), today’s youth that lives and creates primarily online can be a scary one for the prior generations. But this creation of youth culture is nothing new…just done in a different way. Like you said so well, they are creating a space to engage with others who have similar interests and are sharing those interests with the larger community.

  2. cnb135

    I agree that our youth have been creating their own culture for decades. It’s just the format in which it is shared has changed. Just like we needed to teach children about how they shouldn’t swear even though people on TV did… we need to teach our students what they can and can not do online.
    Great quotes BTW!

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