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Learning Philosophy 2.0 – Hannah

Learning Philosophy 2.0

Through my time in this course I feel like my Learning Philosophy has matured and focused and much of that can be attributed to the input and feedback from my classmates here.

At the core, my beliefs are still the same, we want students to learn something new, experience something new and learn to love to learn. How we do this should be and needs to be a thoughtful process with the pedagogical benefits of each tool used being thoroughly assessed.

Encouraging exploration and play will unlock the human potential and will help us make sense of this ever changing world. While I believe that students need to form their own knowledge through relating personal experiences it is their peers and teachers that should be there to push them and challenge them to reach new heights.

One could differentiate between learners and teachers by the level of passion they have for the subject and their ability to inspire others to find their own passion. Each student learns¬† differently and instead of always trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, as we have done for so long with our “one size fits all” educational system, we should be celebrating these differences and use them as a chance to learn new ways of teaching.¬† Remaining agile will be the only way we can keep relevant.