4 thoughts on “Expanded Learning Philosophy – BURRIS

  1. jaf378

    I really liked viewing your presentation, Marie! I agree with Phil in that it was cool to see you integrate so many different technologies and tools into your video. The transformation of your philosophy was very interesting, and I thought your point about being the center of the classroom but no longer being the focal point was spot on. I definitely noticed that transition in my own learning philosophy. Teachers have to take on a new role thanks to web 2.0 tools, and it will be interesting to see how that changes even more as new tools are introduced. Great job!

  2. mlc400

    Wow! Your video was so creatively put together. I liked that you incorporated so many web 2.0 tools in your video as well as articles that we used in class. The really impressive thing in your video was the implementation of your new learning philosophy 2.0 wordle. The key shape tied in so well and was creatively designed. The highlight of your video was all of the words you can now use to describe how learning happens in the 21st century. Some of the ones that resonated with my own learning philosophy was collaboration, participating, and connecting with others. Finally, the point at the end where you identified yourself as the hub of the classroom but not the center was very creatively expressed. I believe that is the biggest point I am taking away from this course and something I hope to work into my teaching practice as this coming year draws closer. Thanks for all of your feedback throughout this course and good luck implementing your new philosophies!

  3. Phil

    Impressive video work! I like how your video depicts live annotations such as when you show your cursor highlighting text on a blog post or entering text in a Twitter box. Your choice of images are effective as well such as the image of the article showing the newspaper story of the senior citizen with numerous degrees as an illustration of lifelong learning.

  4. Eunsung Amii

    I enjoyed your Learning Philosophy 2.0. I agree and I have felt the same way. ” I’m not the center of it anymore.” I thought I always work for students, observe them carefully, and try to find their learning style for their improvements. I thought that was the best. But as we see and have learned.. thing’s changed!!

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