Learning Philosophy 2.0

Over the course of this summer, we’ve all collaborated about ways to use tech tools to motivate, teach, and inspire our students. Although my philosophy about how students learn and what my responsibilities as a teacher are have not changed drastically, I feel that I have built a more firm understanding of why using collaborative, web-based tools is beneficial for students. This course has furthered my understanding of the importance of using technology as a means of motivating students in addition making it easier to challenge, nurture, and inspire students every day.

It is my responsibility as a teacher to create a safe environment to nurture the diverse needs and great variety of students. This also involves using collaborative tools to introduce students to different people and cultures.

Students must be motivated to have a passion for education and should be instilled with curiosity and wonderment about the world around them and beyond. Connecting students to resources which will provide them with equal opportunities as other students.

As a teacher, I am to help students become aware of their abilities and to push them to surpass their expected potential by providing them with challenges in the classroom. In a discovery learning environment, students are challenged to think creatively and work with provided tools and resources.

Thanks to all of my classmates for providing wonderful, concrete examples of ways to use the tech tools we’ve discussed throughout the duration of this course. Best of luck to you all in your future endeavors! 🙂


Learning Philosophy Video

2 thoughts on “Learning Philosophy 2.0

  1. cnb135

    This is fantastic!
    I love the idea of helping our students find their abilities. We need to push them past what they are good at and make them even better. What a great idea to add to your learning philosophy! Making our students, and pushing our students, to be curious and question everything around them makes for great employees and people to continue good practices in the world (at least I) want to live in.

  2. Karen Yarbrough

    Great video! It visually hits all the highlights of your philosophy, and I think your song choice is spot on and gives a real sense of cohesion and connection to your philosophy.

    You talk about connecting students with both information and people, which I think is so important. Using technology to bring people from near and far together creates opportunities for understanding and growth. It’s a lot harder to hate someone when you’ve actually interacted with them.

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