Daily Archives: July 30, 2013

Blackhurst Learning Philosophy

I believe that distinguished teachers understand that students learn in different ways and use a vast array of research driven instructional strategies to engage students on a daily basis. This is where my learning philosophy has changed. Being taught by the old-school lecture method, it was all that I knew. And to top if off, I was a fan of the lecture method because I was an auditory learner! Learning about how web 2.0 tools can help to motivate students who are a part of the online generation makes me much more open to try and using them as a part of my daily classroom routine!

Passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to their profession are just examples of words that I would use to describe myself and my work ethic. By continually changing learning modalities, engaging students as twenty-first century learners, and using a variety of methods and mediums to communicate with my students, I attempt to set the stage for a dynamic and engaging classroom. Whether it is getting my community service students engaged in the Brazilian Step Dance craze or creating new worlds with the SNITCH program, students need to be taught in the ways that they get motivated to learn. We must also create students that can find and create information via online tools quickly and more efficiently than others their age. Maybe it’s teaching them how to interact online or maybe it’s monitoring how they search and retrieve information online, no matter what web 2.0 tools we choose to use with our students – we must be using them in our classrooms!

My LP 2.0 Video