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Week 12

Welcome to Week 12! Well, we’re coming down the home stretch of the course and for this week you have your last major project, namely the video project in which you convey your learning philosophy in video/multimedia form. Part of the video should include and describe how your learning philosophy has evolved since the beginning of the course. The other thing you need to do for this week is share your thoughts impressions on the Design Blueprints of the groups you weren’t involved in.

  • Reading: n/a
  • Blog post: n/a
  • Video: Learning Philosophy 2.0
  • Peer feedback on Design Blueprint

If you have any questions, let me know. Have a good week!

Will Richardson Video

Here’s a TEDx video by Will Ricahrdson, one of our authors from last week, in which he shares a couple examples of young people benefitting from learning networks that exist beyond their formal classroom environments. (If you’re not familiar with TED talks, they’re essentially short poignant talks about complex, challenging issues. You can learn more about them here.) He uses this as a springboard for sharing his perceptions of how he sees the changing roles of teachers and the difference between learning and test prep (e.g., high stakes testing). Probably one of the most compelling points in his talk is when he points to the difficulty associated with adapting to this changing educational environment because this is the system that we have had for the last 100+ years and therefore, the system that most parents and teachers have known growing up. Thoughts? What about his talk resonates with you the most?