Many Recruiters Are on a Path to Burnout

Recruiting is a dynamic and impactful profession; it can change people’s lives and can advance employees’ careers in an organization. Though the day-to-day grind can also lead to incapacitating stress and burnout. Recruiter’s work is highly competitive environments, but the challenges that come with the job exist in both candidate-driven and recessionary labor markets. They can affect all recruiters, from new entrants to the field to senior leaders, in-house corporate practitioners, and third-party search consultants.

What is Burnout?

Burnout can be described as feeling exhausted, bored and ineffective. “It’s a hollow feeling where you feel that you just can’t make a difference,” states Terri Bogue authors of Extinguish Burnout: A Practical Guide to Prevention and Recovery. Burnout is from the creation of the gap between expectations and perceived results grows too large. The tension that a person uses to drive himself or herself forward snaps like a rubber band, and the individual soon begins experiencing symptoms of burning out. The cost of burnout to the organization may be increased turnover and lower productivity,

How to Help

There are several things that wellness and workplace culture experts and recruiting practitioners say can be done to avoid burnout, you can find more information here:

Manage your time – a recruiter’s day is spent juggling applicants, candidates, hiring managers, e-mails, phone screens, intake meetings, queries, and reports—making effective time management a critical skill to both get the job done and break up the routine.

Take breaks – scheduling breaks throughout the workday is important for recharging, but many recruiters find this hard to do. Taking breaks away from your desk or work area when possible.

Take time off – sometimes longer periods away from work are needed to refresh. Take time-off for a vacation.

Set boundaries – leave work in the office. When you’re at home, focus on personal needs.

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