RCL #2- If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, What is a Photographer Worth?

Lynsey Addario passionately follows the spirit of photography wherever it may take her. In her book, she dictates the story of a missed chance at love, not to throw a pity-party, but to emphasize a life not lived. This story, her Nana’s story, portrays the bane of human existence:

What is the point?

Lynsey ponders this question as she discovers her life at a crossroads. Should she settle down with Uxval or follow her true love of photography? Obviously, after the contemplation of her Nana’s story, Lynsey chose love.

A love that cannot be satisfied by another person, but can be tamed only by the persual of an intangible passion.

Everyone should strive to find such a spirit of perseverance and adoration of one thing. Life itself can’t and shouldn’t be devoid of purpose. Without purpose, life is not lived to the utmost. Albeit, this is, and always will be, the greatest quandary of humankind.

Now, what type of earth-shattering event did I experience to enliven my life with the exhalation of law? Perhaps my love of history. My fondness towards the subject was fostered throughout my academic life, and to pinpoint any event as the catalyst would exclude the plethora of people that inspired me.

This is not to say I do not have any muses. I would propose that my grandfather, Jose Antonio Hernandez, is the closest thing to it. His life has occurred in various places while experiencing a number of historical events. His life is a history book. Taking place in Harlem, the Bronx, Washington D.C., Europe, and Puerto Rico, his story is an endearing testimony to history. His stories during my childhood inspired a historical fascination, an obsession that transformed into a love for law and justice.

Addario’s passion is photography, her tool a camera. My passion is justice, my tool a scale.

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  1. I think your analysis of Addario’s anecdote is not only thoughtful but also extremely well written! Although Addario’s grandmother’s story addresses love in direct relationship to her situation with Uxval, do you think she also values her passion as much as her love? I’m so intrigued to hear about your grandfather, I too always wonder about my family’s immigration from Italy to new beginnings in New York. I’m interested to see how you will incorporate law into this history; did it involve crime, injustice, prejudice, or maybe some mix of it all? I’m also wondering if there are any connections you can make from your grandfather’s story to other notable historical events- that would be interesting if that connection can somehow be made personal. Keep it up!

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