Paradigm Shift Rough Draft

A Paradigm Shift: Interracial Marriage

In 1965, Clotye Murdock Larsson wrote, “Intermarriage is the most provocative word in the English language” (5).  From then, until now, this has been an irrefutable truth. Nonetheless, this truth has not always been accepted. The shift from banning interracial marriage to widespread acceptance within a generation is nothing short of a miracle. The paradigm shift in regards to interracial marriage has removed stigmas attached to the romantic lives of a significant portion of the United States, and the World. As time marches on, so does the further acceptance of interracial marriage. Something that once signified as a social taboo is little more than formality on paperwork now.

  • Miscegenation Laws within the United States
  • Significant exceptions to miscegenation laws
  • Virginia v. Loving dictates that laws banning interracial marriage are unconstitutional
  • Interracial Marriage post-Loving
  • Statistics on the number of interracial couples in the United States
  • Repeal of miscegenation laws outside the United States
  • The fetishization of interracial babies from interracial marriages

Include the following sources:

  1. Marriage Across the Color Line- Clotve Larrson
  2. Interracial Marriage, Migration, and Loving- Deniz Gevrek
  3. Changing Patterns of Interracial Marriage in a Multiracial Society- Zhenchao Qian, Daniel T, Lichter
  4. An Overview of Statistics on Interracial Marriage in the United States, with Data on Its Extent from 1963-1970- Thomas P. Monahan
  5. Navigating Interracial Borders: Black-White Couples and Their Social Worlds- Erica Childs

Regardless of belief system or racial tendencies, it is evident to everyone that there has been a stark shift in regards to the acceptance of interracial marriage both in the United States and abroad. Over the past century, it has transformed from the illegal of miscegenation into an endearing one that shows the love of two people becoming one. A shift of thought that has progressed our society for the better.

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  1. Your draft starts out extremely intriguing, and I like the way you flow into the body of your Essay. I think your finished product will be great! Good luck! Do you think it is fully accepted today?

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