RCL #1- It’s What Nebraska Does

The old adage states that money makes the world go round.

The new adage states that passion makes the world go round.

Alright, I made the second adage up, but that does not make it any less true. Without passion, money is quite useless. Money can’t buy happiness, but passion can lead to happiness. In pondering what makes me happy, it is pertinent to examine my passions, which there are many of.

My greatest passion lies within my adoration of justice. Since middle school I have enjoyed any and all constitutional discussion. Whether it be about judicial review or original intent, I have an opinion on it. Nothing is more important to the civic life of mankind than its ability to ensure justice for all.

My other great passion is for Netflix. Albeit, I would never write a blog on it; perhaps because Netflix is a topic of lackluster discussion in our daily lives already.

Probably more important than a video-streaming site, my other passion is about Latino issues. Why? Maybe because the last name Hernandez does not escape political discourse. During this modern time, in which we are all civilized and mature people, Latinos are often portrayed negatively in the media. And the biggest Latino issue of our day: Despacito. It was cool before Justin Bieber “sang it”.

Alright, more seriously speaking, my first pitch for a blog is the idea of misjudged Supreme Court cases. It deals with justice, which brings me great happiness. Also, there are numerous court cases in which the Court ruled poorly on. Another pitch for a blog is a discussion on Latinos. We have enormous contributions to society and culture; however, most of it goes unnoticed (unless it is about tacos, which not all Latinos eat).

In the end, passions are passions no matter how small, odd, or mainstream. My hope is to shine a light on more obscure topics that my readers may not have exposure to.


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