“I want to go home”- Strategies for responding to this request

As we watch news coverage of the devastating effects of hurricanes Harvey and now Irma, we are reminded how important the idea of home—and feeling safe at home—can be. For most of us, thoughts of home evoke feelings of comfort, safety and familiar surroundings. It’s understandable then that when a resident with dementia says repeatedly that she wants to go home, what she may really be asking for is comfort and to feel safe. Understanding this can help staff and family members better respond to residents when they tell us they “just want to go home.”

DailyCaring.com has a helpful article on this topic, with three suggestions on how to respond when a residents tells you that he or she wants to go home: http://dailycaring.com/3-ways-to-respond-when-someone-with-alzheimers-says-i-want-to-go-home/

Lastly, this is a last call for tidbit contest entries! Please email us (vigne1@verizon.net) a brief “tidbit” of your own that describes how you or a staff member at you facility has been creative in getting residents to shower or bathe without a battle.

The facilities that email us the winning tidbit entries will each receive a gift card towards treating staff to lunch! We will also share your idea in a future weekly tidbit so your experience can help others too. We look forward to reading your great ideas….we know you have them to share!

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