Respecting choices-Improving the lives of persons living with dementia

Hello everyone,

You are likely familiar with the idea of person-centered care. In the long term care setting, person centered care promotes residents’ choices, increases their sense of purpose, and provides a greater personal connection for those who need assistance from others with daily tasks.

An important part of providing person-centered care involves learning the preferences of the residents: What activities do they like to do? Who do they enjoy spending time with? What makes them happy? By respecting the preferences of residents and integrating those preferences into daily life, we can help increase their sense of wellbeing and provide an opportunity for them to thrive. And in addition to benefiting residents, person-centered care also helps increase the job satisfaction of staff, and meet current regulatory mandates.

We invite you to take a moment to watch this brief and fun “white board video” that discusses preference-based living in long term care, and illustrates why preferences of residents matter:

You can also access tools to use to help identify residents’ preferences by going to the Preference Based Living Website!

Give this a try with one or two of your residents this week, and let us know how it goes.


Have a great week!

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