Winning tidbits: suggestions from direct care workers

Hello everyone,

Our friends at nursing home facilities in Pennsylvania have sent us some wonderful tidbits for our tidbit contest. We’ll share a few with you each week.

To start, Kacie Szczech, a CNA at St. Mary’s Villa, has a great idea for residents who wander and like to take other people’s things. She suggests leaving a “treasure box” of miscellaneous items placed in frequented areas for the resident to go through and take some things, such as: towels for folding, empty containers, stuffed animals, and large costume jewelry (if safe). Our research team likes this approach because it does not try to restrict or change the resident’s behavior, but rather supports wandering as an unmet need. Nicely done Kacie!

Janet, another staff member at St. Mary’s Villa, shares her approach to caring for residents with insomnia. She creates and keeps a bedtime routine to signal the resident that it is time to settle down: remove glasses, turn off lights in the room, draw the shades, turn off TV, offer snack prior to lying down, check and change brief. Our team liked this tidbit because it focuses on a common issue for the evening shift staff, and is a simple suggestion that does not require any additional resources to implement.

Have a great week!

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