Care Plan Snapshots

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Developing and updating care plans to ensure they include the required information takes a lot of staff time and attention. Unfortunately, they don’t usually live up to their potential for day to day usefulness and practicality.

To help address this, we’ve developed a Care Plan Snapshot…a “Readers Digest” version of a care plan that highlights the key information that a GNA or other caregiver would find most helpful day to day. It includes short and long terms goal(s), guidance on ADL care that helps residents maintain or improve function, behavioral issues with suggested approaches to care, and motivational ideas based on a resident’s interests. All in just a few pages!

Attached is an example of a Care Plan Snapshot for “Mr. WXYZ”, along with an example of a completed capability test for him, which guided the development of the care plan’s goals and ADL care approaches. We invite you to take a look, share with staff, and discuss how this might be beneficial. Feel free to use and adapt as you’d like for your facility. For example, if family members are involved with a resident’s care, you may want to add a section on what family members can do during visits to help their loved one meet his/her goals.

We are planning to hold a live webinar in late August to further discuss developing person-centered care plans. We will announce the date and time in a future tidbit, so stay tuned! 

And finally—don’t forget to send us an example of a person-centered care plan for our contest!!! You can simply send in a behavioral, environmental or functional aspect of a care plan that you have made person-centered for a resident. Entries are due by Sunday, August 5th.

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Capability Test_example

Care Plan Snapshot form

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