Care Plan Contest Winner!

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce the winner of our Person-Centered Care Plan Contest! Kelly Cox, the ADON at Meadows Nursing & Rehab in Pennsylvania, sent us her creative solution to an issue she was having with a resident who was not safely transferring:

My most recent person centered care plan was for a resident who was a famous musician and every day he comes into the office and gives the nurses music trivia and due to a stroke, he cannot play guitar anymore. 

He is very impulsive and has poor safety awareness and short term memory loss. He has had many falls related to toileting and recently has started self transferring by standing and twisting his legs while he turns to sit. He’s not supposed to do it by himself, but since we know he does anyways… we need to a least help prevent an injury.

I figured out a way for him to park his chair and to avoid this strain on his legs while he transfers, but he can’t remember each time, so, with his permission, I posted this musical themed sign in his bathroom to help him remember and to make him smile! 

Be sure to see the attached photograph! Maybe this would work with someone in your community?

Congratulations Kelly and your team at Meadows Nursing! Your gift card is on its way!

Have a great week!

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