Creating Person-centered Care Plans

Hello everyone,

For those of you who were able to join us for Thursday’s webinar on Creating Effective Care Plans, thank you! Below is a recording of the presentation (with the slides working this time!) and the slides are also attached if you’d like to print them. The recording is less than 25 minutes long, so easy to watch during a break or present at a staff meeting. Please forward to any staff you think may find the information useful. Also, we encourage your feedback and would especially like to know if you found the webinar helpful and would like us to do others on different topics you suggest.

Next, we saw this article in The New York Times a few weeks ago and thought you might find it as interesting as we did. It’s about creative approaches to managing dementia used by nursing homes in the Netherlands. Perhaps some of their ideas could be replicated in your community, or even spur new ideas of your own! Take a look:

Check out the ppt here: Creating Person-Centered Care Plans-2k2xnvg

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