Caring Hands Award

Hello everyone,

Here’s a great opportunity to recognize one of your outstanding nursing assistants! The Cynthia D. Steele Caring Hands Award is awarded to a nursing assistant who demonstrates compassionate, creative, and/or exceptional care to older adults. It will be awarded at the 11th Annual Journey to Hope conference for caregivers on November 10th. Nominations are due by October 17th, so don’t wait! Think of what an honor it would be for one of your cherished, hard-working nursing assistants to be recognized this way.

The nomination form is attached (it is simple—won’t take much time!), along with information about Cynthia Steele, for whom the award is named, and a flyer about the conference where the winner will be announced.

Have a great week!


Cynthia Steele Caring Hands Award

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