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Timber Ridge in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania had a summer contest to recognize employees who used effective interventions to address behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia. The big winner was Kathleen HunterCongratulations Kathleen! We’ve attached a photo of her receiving her award.

Kathleen is a CNA on the 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. shift. One of her residents had fidgety hands associated with anxiety or agitation. Kathleen suspected that more sensory therapy or a fidget manipulative device could help reduce the resident’s anxiety, since her grandfather uses simple touch-based activities and it soothes him. Items such as fidget aprons and unwrinkled paper, and jobs like folding clothes and linens or sorting items can help. We like this one because it is a person-centered behavioral intervention that engages the resident – great job!

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Photo of Contest Winner

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