Person-centered Care Plans

Hello everyone,

We have spent much time discussing care plans, and how to make them person-centered so that they can effectively guide care and help caregivers address challenging behaviors of residents. We know that many of you use electronic care plans that provide “pre-made” interventions to click off. This can be helpful, but be sure to include interventions specific for each person. In some cases, you can insert your own.

For example, instead of “Mrs. Smith enjoys music during morning care,” how about…“Mrs. Smith enjoys singing You are My Sunshine while we help her get dressed. If you ask her to get up and dance to the music, she will do this to transfer into her wheelchair from bed with stand-by assistance.” Isn’t this more helpful? Which care plan would you prefer to work from if you had never met the resident?

It may be helpful to think of it this way: If a PRN nursing assistant came to provide care to one of your more challenging residents, would your care plan provide enough specific, person-centered interventions that the caregiver would know how to distract or calm the resident, or include her in ADL care to decrease resistance? Take a look at 2 or 3 of your current care plans, and see if they pass this test!

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